2018 Bellingham Team Race Regatta

Photos from 2018 Bellingham Team Race Regatta, hosted on the beautiful Bellingham Bay! Great wind around 20 knots. Click the button below to view Greg McCraken's photos album.  Photo credits to Greg McCraken.

2018 Fall Season

Photos from the 2018 fall season, including North Regionals, Cascadia Cup, and Portland Qualifer regattas, as well as practices. Click the button below to view the google photos album.  Photo credits to Satone Haratani, Darrell McCarroll, and others.

2018 Island's Cup

Photos from 2018 Island's Cup, hosted in Roche Harbor in the beautiful San Juan Island!  This regatta was a varsity only regatta, sailed on the Roche Harbor bay in light wind around 5-10 knots. Click the button below to view the SmugMug photos album.  Photo credits to Eric A. Kessler.

2018 Combined Divisionals

Photos from 2018 Combined Divisionals, hosted in Sail Sandpoint!  The second regatta of our spring season, sailed on Lake Washington in light winds and sunshine. Click the button below to view the google photos album.  Photo credits to Christopher Dunton.

2018 Forrest Cook Regatta

Photos from 2018 Forrest Cook Regatta, hosted in Hood River, Oregon!  The third qualifying regatta of our spring season, sailed on the Columbia River in wind around 20 knots. Click the button below to view the Flickr photos album.  Photo credits to Greg Krutzikowsky.

2018 North Regionals

Photos from 2018 North Regionals hosted in Anacortes!  Great regatta to kick off the season.  Sunny, clear day with wind ranging from 5 to 15 knots.  Click the button below to see the google photos album.  Photo credits to Eiji Haratani.

2016 Baker Cup in Anacortes

2018 NWISA North Regionals

In 2016, Anacortes hosted the ISSA Baker Team Race Championships, the national championships for high school team racing!

Video Credit to: Bruce Brereton (YouTube)

The 2018 North Regionals Regatta, hosted in Anacortes!

Video Credit to: D. Warren (Youtube)

The Rock Episode 27 6/11/17

Anacortes High School's Advanced Digital Media students made a segment about the high school sailing team! The video aired on 5/11/17 and the sailing section starts around 1:30 min.

2014 Anacortes Regatta

This video follows Anacortes sailors in a 2014 home regatta.

2010 Sailing Team Overview

The 2010 Anacortes Sailing Team made a fun video, complete with interviews, action shots, and music!


The Trigonometry of Sailing

Light Wind Roll Tacking Examples

Stanford's collegiate sailing team practicing their light wind roll tacks.  Some pairs are better than others--watch how together each pair is, when and how they move, and how it ultimately affects their boat speed!

Video Credit to: Stanford Sailing

Watch how sailing works and how math and logic can be used to figure out the most efficient and fast way to get to a destination is.

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