Below are some links for sailors who want to brush up on their knowledge.

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Racing Rules Links:


Here are some links to basic rules of sailing that will come handy when the season starts! Start familiarizing yourself with these rules to be a successful sailor :)    (5 min read)    (5 min read)    (10 min read)

ASA Learning Game:

American Sailing Association has created a downloadable learning and sailing simulation game. It costs three dollars, and has various learning games for those winter days where you can't sail!

Quizlet Links:

Parts of a Sailboat (25 terms):

Sailing Right-of-way and Racing Terminology (25 terms):

Essential Sailing Terms (25 terms):

Important Sailboat Racing Rules (20 terms):

Knot Tying Links:

A Scout's Guide to Boating Knots:

Animated Knot Tying Videos:

Thank you to Adam for this great link!


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