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Required and Recommended Gear

Required Gear:

  • Type-III PFD Coast Guard Approved Lifejacket

  • Wet Suit

2-3mm thick is best

  • Waterproof whistle

Should be attached to life jacket somehow

  • Gloves

Sailing gloves, fingerless or fingered

  • Sailing Booties

Not just wetsuit booties; sailing booties are reinforced on the top of the foot and won’t get torn up by the hiking straps like regular booties will

  • Waterproof watch with a countdown timer or a stopwatch

Recommended Gear:

  • A waterproof jacket, a.k.a. spray top

A sailing-specific one may last longer but is not necessary

  • Waterproof pants, a.k.a. spray pants

Overall type is best; again, sailing-specific ones may last longer

  • Layers *NOT COTTON

Fleece, wool, or other non-cotton jacket to wear over wetsuit & under spray gear

  • Wool hat

  • Wool socks

  • Sunglasses (and a croakie to keep them from falling off)

Many of these items can be found at West Marine in downtown Anacorte, but some things might be hard to find. This is where online shopping comes in. Companies such as Fisheries Supply, Gill, and Zhik all sell sailing-specific gear; just google the names and their websites should pop up. If you need help finding something or have questions about anything, feel free to ask a sailor that is already on the team.



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