How much does it cost to join the team?

Seasonal costs:

It costs $25 to sign up with the Anacortes Parks & Rec Program (please make out check to Anacortes Parks and Rec), plus a fee per each season.


(please make these checks out to Anacortes Parks Foundation)

Spring season- $125

Summer- $25 (individual regatta fees must be paid as you go)

Fall season- $75 

We offer scholarships for fees and gear if needed.

What else should I bring to practice?

  • A good attitude and readiness to learn

  • A water bottle (ideally, reusable with a place to tie a line)

  • Snacks to eat before and after practice

  • Sunscreen!

  • Warm, dry clothes to change into after practice

  • A towel

  • Hair ties and/or a headband for long hair

  • A bag to carry all of your 

Is this team part of the High School?

The sailing team is recognized by Anacortes High School as a letter sport for high school students. However, the team does not receive money, transportation, or insurance from the Anacortes School District.

Can middle schoolers attend regattas?

It depends.

Regattas in the fall and spring are part of the high school circuit and open to 8th grade and up only, with district or district qualifying events high school only. 6th and 7th graders can attend all team practices but can only compete in summer regattas, which are open to all ages (and are usually a lot warmer).

What should I bring to an overnight regatta?

Every year, we attend a few regattas that require an overnight. These regattas are usually two days, with laundry options limited to sinks and showers at best.

Sailors should bring:

  • Extra layers for both under and over a wetsuit 

  • Toothpaste, shampoo, etc. (travel size saves space!)

  • Pajamas and change of clothes

  • Sleeping bag, camp pad, and pillow

  • Plastic garbage bag to keep wet clothes in 

  • Two days' worth of snacks and money for meals if necessary

How do I wash my wetsuit?

Putting a wetsuit* in the washer or dryer can seriously damage a wetsuit's material and seams. Rinsing a wetsuit in cold water after every use and making sure not to store it wet will keep it unharmed and smelling good. Drying inside out means that the part against your skin the next day is dry! Read more about wetsuit care here: 

*Not just wetsuits: sailing booties, bibs, and spray tops may do just as poorly in a washer/dryer, depending on what they're made of. Rinsing after use and hand-washing when needed is a safe bet to ensure that items last a long time.

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